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1.Who did they met in a chinese restaurant?
2.How long have they been here?
3.What would you do If you won the lottery?
4.What langueages does she study?
1.Mum ordered me not to forget to turn the oven off.
2.Ken said to Sue that he would lend her car the nex day
3.Ben suggestes having fisch and chips for dinner that night.
4.The waiter asked me now my meal was.
5.Samuel askes us if ue could meet him for wich next week.
6.Judy said that she had seen an amazing painting at the art gallery the week before.
7.Jenny asked qhere I has gone for my holidays that year.
1.They have said nothing yet.
2.Has someone watered the garden
3.Our homework is checked reguarly
4.Our trip to Greece was being planned at the time by us.
5He should be told about is!
6.They may cancel our flight because of the weather.

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