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Dear costumer. I am writing to confirm your two days at Limewood Spa. The Spa expects you on the evening of Thursgay 12th. Your personal trainer is meeting you at  9.00 a.M. On the Friday morning. He will assess your needs and provide you with a plan to ensure that you make the most of you stay with us. If you are interested in booking any of our other facilities, please check oue wiebsite and online booking system. We look forward to seeing you and I hope you have a pleasant stay. Best wishes. Melania Gilber, Limewood spa.   Dear Saskia we wouls like to invite you to the product launch party on 5 March. The party will start at 6.00 p.M. And will take place in the Roebuck Hotel. Dinner and drinks will be provided. We would be delighted if you could come. Please let me know if you will be able to attend by 14 Frebuary. With best wishes Clarissa.    Dear All As you  are weare, we have recently had number of security breaches in our offices. This has meant that we have had to introduce a series of new security mesure.   Because of the recent changes I am attaching a diagram that shows how to use the new security pass system. It also inlcudes a map displaying all the new security equipment on site.  If you have any questions, please do not hesiate to contact us at security on extension +4000.   Yoo- Ji Han Head of security

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