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Classification Of industrial activities: there are different types according to their origin And characteristics: Base industries- these make the first changes to the raw Material (minerals and energy sources) to provide the energy. Capital goods Industries- these make yhe second changes in order to prepare products.  Consumer good industries:these manufactured Products that are to be sold directly to the consumer. Factors for industry location: traditional factors- proximity to raw materials and energy sources, Proximity to market centres and consumption, proximity to ports and transport Routes and abundance of low skilled labour. Current factors- accesibility to Raw materials and energy sorces, abudance of cheep labour, presence of a global Market and accesibility to innovation. Great industrial areas:original Industrial areas: are those where the industrialrevolution emerged: center of Germany, north of france. Modern industrial areas: the ones that came along Later especially in the area of the ural mountains, the volga mining area and the centre of Siberia. New industrial areas: these have emerged in the las 20 years And include United States , the east of china and venezuela. Industrial areas And the landscape:traditional industry has as its objective to produce the Biggest yield at the lowest price. Mining aresas: these areas produce iron and Coal were the centres where the industrial revolution emerge and the associated Mining activity in many cases long abandoned has left its mark. Ports and Rivers: Fluvial terraces are preferred industrial locations. Urban areas: The Location of industries in the areas near big cities have created industrial Landscapes. New industrial landscapes: centres of avanced technology: These are Located in the st developed countries lke USA Japan and Germany. Automated amd High technology industries: nearly all modern industries have high technology And automated production which involved the development of robotics. Chinese industry: The mouths of the great chinese rivers such as the Yanzgi are some of the most Important industrialised areas in the world. Chinese have became the largest Industrial country in the world , but the most environmental polluted as well. The industrialisation crisis:there are 2 factors that are in industry tday: Deindustrilisation(  it means abandoning Industrial activity and the industrial areas it occuped) and relocation (consists Of abandoning the traditional industrial areas to look for new locations)

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