What does lord henry say to dorian about the death of sibyl vane

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16/10/1854 Dublin Ireland. His father was a surgeon. His mother a poet. Won a scholarship to study in Oxford. In 1882 published his First book, Poems. He married Constance Lloyd and had two sons: Cyril and Vyvyan. 1895 was accused of homosexuality. Died in Paris of meningitis.

-Lord Henry (Harry). –Basil (black hair and a strong face) –Dorian Gray (blue eyes, Golden hair, scarlet lips. –Lady Brandon –Lord Fermor (Lord Henry’s uncle) –Lady Kelso (Dorian’s grandfather) –Lady Margaret (Dorian’s mother) –Agatha (Lord Henry’s aunt) –Sibyl Vane (An actress. Not yet 17. Shy and gente. Dorian was engaged to marry her) –James Vane (Sybil’s Brother) –Alan Campbell (met Dorian at Lady Berkshire’s) 

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