los origenes del conflicto de indochina

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The origins of Indochina’s conflict

Vietnam was an old French colony that was divided in two due to the Ginebra’s Conference.

  • It created two new states: South Vietnam (Saigon was its capital) and the Democratic Republic of Vietnam (communist regime in the north lead by Ho Chi Minh).

The Vietnam war

It started when the Vietcong (communist army group) began the reunification of Vietnam with the help of China and the USSR.

  • The United States send arms and consultants to Saigon.
  • Kennedy and Johnson send more troops until it turned into a cruel war.

This was a traumatic war for the Vietnamese and the Americans because of the arms and the napalm

  • In the American society, there was a rejection of the war.

El recrudecimiento de la tensión entre los bloques

It was because of the Afghanistan war and the Americans interventions in Latin America.

Reagan started an arm race known as “guerra de las galaxias” that brought more conflicts and tensions.

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