Lose a lovely leg amputee

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Captain-capitán//Coach-entrenador//Fans//Players-jugadores//Referee-arbitro futbol//Umpire-arbitro tennis//Spectators//The crowd-aficion//Sports hall-polideportivo//Stadium//Team.----Tennis/basketball court- Pista de..//Football/rugby/hockey pitch-campo de…//Swimming/diving pool//Athletics track-Pista de…//Formula 1/motorcycling circuit//Golf course-Campo de..//Ski stope-pista ski.----Beat-Dar una paliza//Win//Lose//Draw-empatar.-----Get fit-ponerse en forma//Get injured-Lesionarse//Kick-dar patada//Score-marcar//Throw-lanzar//Train-entrenar.----Warm up-calentar//Works out-hacer ejercicio//Was sent off-expulsar//Was knocked out-eliminado.

This happened a last year, during Christmas, we went to the house of my médium brother, who lives in Montroy, in a chalet, with his girlfriend and six dogs. It was my mother, my older brother and I. First of all, when we arrived, we began to prepare dinner. Some made dinner, and others prepared the table. Meanwhile, two of my brother's dogs, in the garden, got into a fight.So my middle brother and I had to go to the vet to have one of them stitched up, because he had a tear in his leg. Finally the dog's leg was sewn up and we went home. Everything was a scare and we were all able to dine together as a family.

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