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crime (crimen); criminals (criminales); guilty (culpable); police state (estado policiaco); safety (seguridad); surveillance (vigilancia)

Hi like

                My name is Sofia Cóppola and I am 17 years old. I live In olivos in  Buenos Aires province, with my mum, dad and little brother. I have got a lot of hobbies and interests. I love skating and tennis (playing and watching so much) and I go swimming a lot in a swimming pool to my club. I like listening music a lot, all day and when studying too, my favorite band y acdc. I go to instituto la sale Florida I am studying a lot for my exams, including English, of course! My favorite subject is SIC and my worst is probably history and geography. In my class there are 27 students, 18 girls and 9 boys. Dorp me a line and let me know what time your plan gets in. We can pick you up from the airport. I am really looking forward to meeting you.

                                                    Bests wishes.

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