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·Present simple (hàbits Habituals, veritats generals)

-Form: sub + verb infinitive

-Adverbs of frequency: always, usually, generally, regularly, Occasionally, frequently, after, sometimes, rarely, seldom, never.

-Time expressions: at 10 o’clock, at night, in the Morning, on Friday, eneryweek, once a month, how often...?

-Stative verbs: hope, like, love, prefer, want, Dislike, enjoy, hate, believe, forget, guess, know, remember, think, Understand, feel, hear, see, smell, sound, taste, touch, cost, measure, weigh, Belong, have, own.

·Present continuous (accions que Passen ara mateix, accions temporal, plans pel futur)

-Form: sub + am/is/are + verb-ing

-Time expressions: now, right now, at the moment, this Year, at present, today, these day, this month, this evening, tonight, Tomorrow, next Friday/week/year.

·Past simple (acció feta en el passat, accions realitzades en el passat)

-Form: sub + was/were + verb (past simple)

-Time expressions: yesterday, last week/year, two days ago, In 2007, in the 1980s, in the 18th century, when, then.

·Past continuous (accions incompletes en el passat, accions interrompudes per altres accions en progrés Del passat)

-Form: sub + was/were + verb-ing

-Time expressions: last night/week/year, at 4 o’clock, When, while, as.

·Present perfect simple (accions que van passar en el passat però que Continuen en el present, accions passades en un temps determinat del passat però Que estan relacionades amb el present)

-Form: sub + have/has + verb infinitive

-Time expressions: never, ever, already, just, yet, Recently, lately, how long...?, for, since, in recent year.

·Present Perfect continuous (accions compensades en passat i que continuen en el Present, acció on els resultants son aparents)

-Form: sub + have/has been + verb-ing

-Time expressions: for a year, since 2002, how Long...?, all night/morning/day/week.

·Past perfect simple (accions completes en un lloc on ja hi va passar Una acció passada)

-From: sub + had + verb (past simple)

-Time expressions: already, by the time, after, before, Until, never, just.

·Past perfect continuous (accions que continua una alter acció passada)

-Form: sub + had been + verb-ing

-Time expressions: for hours, since, last April, all morning..., When, until, before...

·Future simple (predicció, acció programada, decisió espontània)

-Form: sub + will + verb-ing

-Time expressions: this evening, in an hour, at 2 O’clock, later, tomorrow, next month/year, son, in a feww weeks, in the future, On the 1st of May.

·Future continuous (accions en progrés de un temps futur en concret)

-Form: sub + will be + verb-ing

-Time expressions: at this time, tomorrow, at this time Next...., on Thursday, in the next decade.

·Be going to (accions planejades pel futur, accions que passen en el futur però que s’han Pensat en el present)

-Form: sub + be (am/is/are) + going to + verb-ing

-Time expressions: this evening, later, in an hour, at 4 o’clock, tomorrow, soon, next month/year, in a few weeks, on the 8th Of May.

·Future perfect simple (accions completades en un temps en concret)

-Form: sub + will have + verb (participle)

·Time expressions: by this time, next week, by 3 O’clock, by the end of..., by then, by August, in four months.

·Who and that (people)

·Which and that (objects)

·Whose (to possesio)

·When and that (time)

·Where (place)

·First Conditional (alló que passara)

-Form: if /unless + Present Simple , Future Simple/Imperative/Model + base form

·Secord conditional (condicions hipotetiques del present, es poc Probable que passi)

-Form: if/unless + Past Simple , Would/could/might + Base form

·Third Conditional (es impossible que passi)

-Form: if/unless + Past Perfect , would have/could Have/might have + past participle

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