Love Among The Haystacks

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1. Always does/ is swimming
2. Was liying
3. Has just broken down
4. Not having
5. Had been ticked
6. Did you leave / didn't feel
7. Is beeing held
8. Is going to explode
9. Will have visited
10. Is served
11. Have you had
12. Got / had been sold
1. Kairi was an Indian girl who the captain fell in love with.
2. She goes jogging every morning, that keeps her fit and healthy.
3. The small village, where we stopped for petrol, had a beautiful old church.
4. They've got three children, two of which are at university.
5. Dr. Stanton is a psychiatrist whose books about madness are very well-known.
6. Edinburgh, which is the capital of Scotland, is called the " Queen of cities".

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