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Much Ado About Nothing is a 1993 British film, starring, produced, adapted and directed by Kenneth Branagh. This adaptation of William Shakespeare's homonymous comedy focuses on the love and harm that misunderstanding or betrayal can cause. Prince Don Pedro de Aragón (Denzel Washington) returns victorious from a battle accompanied by his bastard brother Don Juan (Keanu Reeves), Benedict (Kenneth Branagh) and Claudio (Robert Sean Leonard), a young Florentine who has been filled with honors for the great courage shown on the battlefield. They are greeted with great joy by the knight Leonato, who lives with his daughter Hero (Beckinsale) and his niece Beatriz (Emma Thompson) in a heavenly village in the Sicilian countryside (Messina). In my opinion, Much Ado About Nothing is a remarkable adaptation of Shakespeare that exploits the cinematic possibilities of the text. I want to emphasize that the story of crossed and misunderstood love, of betrayals and loyalties, of laughter and tears, of poetry and charm seems very beautiful. I think it is a masterpiece and that there is a perfect communion between the cinematographic language and the writing. I love this movie, it has a great photograph and a great staging.

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