Below a low level inversion visibility is often

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The risk of implementing more buildings in the Environmental factor. First because they use many products in the process that Reduce the amount of oxygen in the air and pollute many areas. In addition, the Extraction of natural resources for the construction of the matrix increases The impact of global warming. The reason why it takes a lot of materials to Build, and these materials cause health problems in society. 

For example; Several families in Barranquilla suffer From respiratory diseases, because in this sector a new one has been built. Therefore, They are causing diseases to people. Another risk factor if the Buildings in Barranquilla increase insecurity would be. For the high level of Population that would be more difficult to control. For example, in the Neighborhoods of low socioeconomic low where the government delivered houses of Social interest, insecurity has increased relatively, in addition to the Consumption of psychoactive substances and thefts. For this reason, the Population increase would be a risk in terms of security for Barranquilla.

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