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1)No upfront infrastructure cost for hosting – hosting service provided by service provider

2)No maintenance, licensing costs

3)Faster application development

4)Code testing can be done in remote environment – if the software/apps crashed, it won’t affect the current network

5)Pay-per-use – only pay for services when needed

6)Easy access – can access remote server using web interface or virtual machine

7)Flexibility – work from anywhere/anytime since hardware are all virtual


1)Dependency on service provider

2)Security may be compromised since service provider has controlled over the hardware/hosting server

3)Cloud service provider has access on clients’ data

4)Low visibility on CPU cycle/required RAM to launch the apps- since software testing is being done on remote/ virtual server actual RAM is uncertain


1)Can market apps/software quickly since zero investment on infrastructure

2)Using cloud services can integrate with other apps

3)Small business/ start-up (SMEs) can scale up easily

4)Easier collaboration


1)Same as in SaaS

-Reliance on service provider


-New technology

-Change in policy

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