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1 What are the mos relevant big data characteristics? 1.1

Things most Definitions mention

1. Large quantity of


2. Which management is


3. From which we can extract

insights and/or add value

3 Describe the 3 main conditions behind the phenomenn of big Data

1. Large quantity of

(available) data

2. Large (available) capacity of


• Capacity of computing evolved fast!!!

• Moore's law is the observation that the number of Transistors in a dense integrated circuit doubles about every two years.

 • Cloud computing Gives us access to large computing power anywhere anytime

It doesn’t matter how powerful a single machine is, no One can handle big data alone, but…. Several machine together can. Once you Have the proper knowledge to set a network of computers that work in parallel

3. “New”knowledge to

understand it and extract


When the mature disciple of STATISTICS met the young Discipline of COMPUTER SCIENCE a new speciality was born It’s about finding Useful patterns in data applying ALGORITHMS

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