Lupol's iodine

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Pasteur/Gooseneck                                            Gram Stain Cont.

nutrient rich broth S shaped                            -decolorize 8-10gtts ethol
flask, boiled broth open air,                              alochol
left to sit, nothing grew.                                  -rinse w/water immeditly
-Bacteria trapped in vent heavy                      -apply safranin for 1min
Spontaneous Generation disprvd                    -rinse w/water
Kochs Postulates organism is                          -blot dry
present in all diseases, can't                             -obv. Under oil g+P/g-red
be found in a healthy prsn (F)                            Acid Fast
-samples of organisms frm pts                          -smear accross beaker
cultivate/isolate in vitro some                            -apply Carbol Fuchsin
organisms can't be grwn invitro                        -steam 5min, don't let dry
-inoculate pure cultures of orgsm                     -rinse slide w/water
into animals invivo to prduce                            -decolorizor acid alcohol
similr disease obsrvd in pts                               -rinse w/water
-recover orgnms frm infctd                               -Methylene Blue 1min
animals&again obtain pure                               -rinse w/water, blot dry
cultures in vitro.                                                 -observe oil
Pro/Euk                                                             Purpose - sep. Bacteria
Nucleus:Absent:Present                                    in 2 categories based on
CellMem:NoSterols:Sterols                               cell wall structure AF+/-
Riboso:70s50-30sm:80s60-40big                      Mechanism - AF+ CW waxy
Organelles:Absent:Present                                lipoidal coating, don't decol
Resp:CellMemb:Mitochondria                           retain prime stain. AF- CW
Photosynth:CellMem:Chloroplast                     not waxy, lipoidal coating
Size:<2umTiny:2-100um+Big                            will decol, pickup count stan
DNA:SingleMolecule, NoHistones                   Result - AF+violet/red AF-Blu
 Circular:Many Chrom w/histones                     Prim-carbol fuchsin
Division:NoMitosis, BinaryFission                     Mord- heat/steam
 :Mitosis                                                             Decolo- Acid Alcohol
Motility:Flagella/Non,1Fiber/Glide                   Counter - Methylene Blue
 Slime:Flag/Non,9+2Fiber/Strem/Cilia            Spore/Purpose - dif btwn CW
Microtubules:Absent/SomePresent               and Spore. Mech - Malachite
 :Present Esp in animals                                   Green stains CW/Spore
Gram+                                                            -decolo removes gren frm CW
-1 thick layer of peptidoglycan                        not spore. CWpix up coun st 
-teichoic acid neg charge                                Result- CW red/pink, Spore
-2 types: Lipid, links peptglycn to CM             is gren. P: MalGren, M: steam
   :wall TA, links peptglycn layers                     D: water, CS: Safranin
Gram-                                                             Gram/Purpose - sep bacteria
-3 thin layers: inner, peptglycn                        2 categ based on CW struct
-middle, lipoprotein (proteinW/fat)                 g+/-. Mech- g+ CW no lipids
-outer, lipopolysaccharide(mouseBody)          resist decol, retain primstain
 lipidA endotoxin (butt), poly, O poly-             g- contain 2outlayer of lipids
saccharide, antigen (tail)                                  removed by deco,CWpicksUp
Heat FIxed Smear                                          count stain. Result- g+purp
-flame loop 70 handle to tip                           g- red/pink. P:CrystViolet M:
-drop water, on slide                                       gramsIodine, D: EtOH, CS: Saf
-flame                                                              Capsule/Purpose- cap/CW
-culture tube nondom hand                           Mech-CrystalV stains Cap/CW
-pinky of dom hand remove cap                     CopSulfate removes CV frm
-flame opening x3                                            Cap but not CW. Result- cap
-obtain culture from tube                                 white/litBlu, CW is Purp.Stain
-flame opening x3, cap tube                             P:CrystalV, D: CopSulfate
-smear bacteria in h2O on slide                       Negative/Purpose- see bact
-dry loop near flame                                         in nat. size,shpe,arrngmt
-flame loop                                                       Mech- stain/CW is neg, repel
-air dry slide                                                      Result- cells are colorless,
-heat fix slide x3                                                backgrnd is blk/grey. Stains:
Gram Stain                                                       Nigrosin/India Ink
-place on rack
-apply primary crystal violet 1min
-wash w/water
-apply grams iodine 1 min 
-rinse w/water

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