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Different personalities might help get to the different dramas and point of views. Macbeth the main character of the play has the biggest dramas. At first he decided with Lady Macbeth to kill King Duncan, so he could get the crown easy and he wouldn’t have to be Thane of Cawdor. This drama was in a way “hidden”, but people had doubts of Macbeth and people didn’t like him as a king. Macbeth did many things without people noticing and things like Macbeth killing all of Macduff families members. After all Macbeth and Macduff where fighting for the crown, in which they let them into a battle. At the end Macduff ends winning the battle and Macbeth dies. I think that Macbeth had the biggest dramas and it shows the personality of the character that he was. And that he might be a problematic person.

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