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if+pre.simple,+future->possible or probable future events.
2º con:if+past simple,+would+verb->imaginary
3ºcon: if+past perfect+would have + past participle.-> past events that didn´t happen. 
angry: enfadado, bored: aburrido, calm: calmado, disappoined: decepcionado, relieved: aliviado, upset: trastornado. 
pre.S: make-is/are made, pre.C: is/are making-is/are being made, pp.Sim:has/have made-has/have been made, past. S: made- was/were made, past.C: was/were making-was/were being made, past perfect: had made- had been made, future s: will make- will be made, future c: wil be making-will be being made, future per: will have made-will have been made, be going to: is/are going to- is/are going to be made, modales: can make must have made- can be made must have been made.
REPORTER SPEECH: pre.Simple->past simple, pre. Con->past con, past simple->past perfect. Present perfect->past perfect, will-> would, must-> had to. 
careful, comfortable, dangerous, educational, creative, succesful, usable. 

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