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my last vacations

hello, my name is maite mateluna and im going to talk about my last vacations. I went to mexico, cancun. I stayed to beach palace. ¡ I was very beatifull! I went with my family, mi sister, my mom and my father. In mexico there were in winter but it was hot. I went to dolphin island, I and my dad swam with dolphins, they are very cute!, we went to aqua park weth and wile and it was very fun, in aqua park there was a big pool and have waves. I slept in a big bed. In the morning I broke actidientali my selfie stivk an the camera, i drank a tiger shake, i bought a case for my phone, i chose went to xcaret, it was very beautifull and the night it had a show, the people wore colorfull costumes, in xcaret i lost the aqua shoes, I rode a dolphin , i saw  monkeys, i ate french fries , i brought a t-shirt, i did surf, i spent 30 dolars in case of aqua, i found a shark in isla mujeres , i got an ice cream, i wore drees, i didn't meet any person, i left cancun after 1 week.

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