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VOCABULARY:1-1. Traditional-----2.Complex------3. Shiny---- 4. Smooth---- 5. Flat. GRAMMAR:2-1. Won’t  finished ------2. Was Discovered------3. Is spoken------4. Is used------5. wasn’t taught-------6. Will Be opened 7. Were used.------8. Will be … taken------3-1. Is kept------2. Wasn’t invited------3. Were Announced -------- 4. Will be announced---------5. isn’t made--------4-1. Was built ------2. Dedicated -------3. Were used --------4. Were needed---------- 5. Is considered ---------6. Are covered ----------7. Is visited---------8.Will be Damaged.----------9.Won’t be destroyed.   1. (TEXTO MICHELANGELO)was given.-----  2. was told--------3. Portrayed-------4.Isn’t Included--------5.Think------6.Shows-----7.Wasfinished------8.Decided-----    9.Wasexhibited------. 1.Is This sculpture made of clay?.----it’s not. is made-------2.Where is the Mona Lisa kept?.------ is kept 3 Is the exhibition closed on Sundays?------it Isn’t-----is closed 4. Are These portraits painted with watercolour paints?---- they aren’t--- are Painted. 5.Are cars driven on The right side of the road in England?-----they aren’t--- are driven 1 (SOME MASTERPIECES). were stolen 2. was taken 3. were shown 4 weren’t damaged.5. weren’t sent

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