Magic Realism

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1) Magical Realism
Magical realism is defined as the concern of style and interest to show the unreal or strange as an everyday and commonplace. There is a magical literary expression, its purpose is not to arouse emotions and express them but is, above all, an attitude towards reality.
The term was originally used by an art critic, the German Franz Roh in the twentieth century.

2) Magic realism Highlights

The following elements are present in many novels of magic realism, but not necessarily all occur in the novels and other works belonging to other genera may have some similar characteristics.

  1. Content magical elements / fictitious characters levied as part of "normal."
    Perhaps intuitive magical elements, but (usually) never explained.
  2. Presence as part of the sensory perception of reality.
  3. Time is perceived as cyclical, not linear, as decoupled traditions of modern rationality.
  4. It distorts the time, so this will repeat or resemble the past.
  5. Transformation of the ordinary and everyday experiences an experience that includes "supernatural" or "fantastic."
  6. Stylistic concerns, sharing a vision "aesthetics" of life that does not preclude the experience of reality.
  7. The phenomenon of death is taken into account, ie, characters can die and then live again.

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