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1.Que es un alloy? Bronce?

An alloy is the mixture of 2 metals or more. Amalgan is a mixture of mercury and another metal.

Broonce: cooper+staño

Steel: carbon+iron

2. Separation techniques.

Filtration: it separates solid and liquid.

Decanting: it separates 2 liquids

Magnetic: separates 2 solids (1 must be a metal)

Destillation: separation of two liquids

Crystalization: separation of solid and liquid

3. Problema de solution

4. Atomics model

Dalton(1808): elements are made up of small particles, called atoms, they are invisible and indestructible. Atoms of the same element are the equal and different from other elements.Compounds are formed by atoms of different elements

Thoms(1904): The atoms have positive charge and electrons are on top of it with negative charge. Atoms are neutral.

Rutherford(1911): Nucleus there is the positive charge and electrons are moving around in the shell. Atoms are neutral.

Bohr(1913): Electrons move different orbits that have different energy.To move one e- from a lower orbit to a higher one we need to give energy. If we move to a lower one energy is released.


Isotops: are atoms with the same number of protons, but different number of neutrons.

Ions: atoms with negative or positive charge and have 2 types

Cation: (+) Lose electrons.

Anion: (-) Gains electrons.

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