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I`m so excited you`re coming to visit at the weekend! I`ve Planed a lot of things for us to do around Bilbao.

On your first day, I will take you to The old town. In the morning, we will take a tour of the Ria de Bilbao Promenade, a very beautiful path. The tour starts at 10. Maybe we'll stop for Breakfast on the way. Then, we will enter the guggenheim, the most famous Museum in Bilbao. At night, we will be visiting the beautiful that is Illuminated San mames and then we will go to have a drink at the bars. I will Keep the plans for the second day in secret for now ... But if you like the Omelet, you will have a great time!

Looking forward to seeing you! Bilbao is fantastic. You won`t be bored For a minute. 

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