What are the main parts of the central Nervous system and where is vision processed ()

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1.Parts Of this system include:





2.The skin Is the largest organ in the body.

3.Sweat Glands are glands in the skin that help Maintain healthful body temperature. These glands produce perspiration when the body is warm. Your body is cooled as the water in sweat evaporates From the skin.

1.The Nervous system is the body system for communication And control.

2.A neuron is a mass of nerve cells.

3.The Parts of the nervous system are the Brain, spinal cord, and the nerves that branch off the spinal cord.

Please label the following Parts of the nervous system:

Brain Stem



Spinal Cord

1.The Skeletal system is the body system that serves As a support framework.

2.This System holds the body together Protects inner body parts and helps with movement.

3.There Are 206 bones in the skeletal System.

4.A Joint is a point at which two bones meet.

5.A hinge joint allows bones to Move back and forth; a ball and Socket joint allows bones to move in a full circle; and a fixed joint Allows no movement. 

Cartilage is soft material on the end of bones.

1.The Circulatory system is the body system that transports Oxygen, food and waste through the body.

2.The Parts of the circulatory system are


b. Blood Vessels


3.List The three main kinds of cells in plasma:

a.Red Blood cells

b.White Blood cells


4.The Heart is a muscle organ that that Pumps blood to the body.

5.An Artery is a blood vessel that carries blood away from the heart.

6.A Vein is a blood vessel that returns Blood to the heart.

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