The main stages of cold war.

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In 1955, the countries under the soviet dominion joined in the Warsaw Pact, an agreement to coordinate the defence of those countries. In 1956 rebellion started in Hungary.

In 1957 the USSR launched their first artificial satellite. The arms race and the space race was on the road. In 1961 a wall was created to separate East and West Berlin, the wall of shame.


In 1962 the Cuban Missile Crisis took place. In 1959 Batista, a military dictator was overthrown by an armed revolt led by Castro with the help of Che Guevara. The years before, Americans owned the land and the industries in Cuba but Castro wished to make Cuba independent of US control. He gave the land to the people. In the beginning he seemed a good leader to the nation but he became a harsh dictator.USA cut off all trade with Cuba, Cuba decided to ask for help to the USSR who was happy to have another communist revolutionary. Kennedy supported an invasion of Cuba by anti-Castro supporters, the landing on the Bay of Pigs in 1961, but it was a disaster. In 1962, US spies knew that the USSR was installing bases for soviet missiles in Cuba. Kennedy chose the best option: he declared a blockade around Cuba that would prevent Soviet ships from delivering necessary equipment to ready the missiles. Both countries were on the brink of a nuclear war. Both Kennedy and Khrushchev agreed to remove the missiles (USA had missiles in Turkey). In 1968 rebellion took place in Czechoslovakia

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