The main stages of cold war.

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  1. What time period (dates) did the Renaissance occur? 1350-1600 What does the term Renaissance mean? rebirth Where did the Renaissance begin? City-states of Italy What city-state was the birthplace of the Renaissance? Florence What was the main business of the Medici family? banking What did Humanism focus on? secular, or worldly themes What did it also stress? individualism and independent thinking, dignity and worthName 3 ways Renaissance ideas spread. 

War, Trade, Printing Who was Johannes Gutenberg? What did his invention do? Developed the printing press; books were created faster and were less expensive; things were easier to copy & print What was a certificate of indulgence?

Pardons for sins. What did Martin Luther criticize the sale of indulgences in what document? 95Theses What faith did Henry VIII begin? (know both names given) Anglicanism (Church of England) Why did he break away from the Catholic Church? He wanted to marry Anne Boleyn and try to have a male heir Puritans - Radical group that wanted to purify the Catholic Church Jesuits – founded by Ignatius of Loyola; wanted to combat heresy and spread Catholicism Anabaptists - believed Christians should not be baptized until adulthood Calvinists – believed in predestination Lutheranism – believed on justification by faith and the bible was the sole source of religious truth How was Europe divided after the Catholic Reformation? Catholic South and a Protestant North

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