The main stages of cold war.

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Political rivarly

Alliances: triple alliance ( Germany, Austria-Hungary Italy)

Balkans: Austria-hungary

Wanted thesottoman empire

they wanted to take advantage of the weakness of the turquis empire.

  • Great britain didnt want any other big empire around

Economic rivalry

Colonialism:- competition between countries to get land(power)

  • Increase in military

The teatry of versalles

It was a meeting between the Allied powers( Russia, France and britain) in versailles in the early 1919.

What for?

  • To reorganize Europe

  • Establish the culprits( enudun) of the war

  • Find a system to mantain peace

Decisions taken:

  • Creation of the league of nations

  • Dissaparence of central European Empires

The german empire was the most affected because:

  • they have to pay all the damages.(reparations)

  • they lost all the oversees colonies

  • Parts of Germany were given to other countries. ( Fance, belgium, dennmark and poland).

  • Germany became a demilitarized zone

  • Germany not was allowed to join the league of nations

  • Germany had to reduce their army (not to cause problems in the future).

  • It was declared the main culprit.

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