The main stages of cold war.

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The Avengers

The Avengers is a movie of action, adventures and science fiction set in a world where superheroes exist

In the movie a group of superheroes have to fight against Loki who is a villain who wants to destroy the earth. The main battle against Loki occurred in the city of New York when Loki began his invasion. The film is directed by Marvel'Studios and the Avengers were created by Stan Lee and the film went to theaters in 2012 this movie was the first of The Avengers after that came out in 2015 the movie The Avengers the Age of Ultron and las of all in 2018 The Avengers the infinity war

In my opinion it is a very good movie and this movie became the 5th most money, and was the most famous of the two movies that can be seen from The Avengers

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