The main stages of cold war.

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Questions: Explain the "Scramble for Africa" 

In 1870 the presence of Europa in Africa was only in certain points of the

coast, but the main powers set out to explore and create new empires. So

that there were no confrontations, they met in 1884 and 1885, at the Berlin Conference, where they established the rules of occupation of the

continent : 

-the possession and control of a coastal strip gave the right to occupy

 the interior 

-Free navigation on the Niger and Congo rivers 

- they recognized Free trade in Central Africa 

In the following years the occupation of Africa accelerated: 

- The United Kingdom tried to form a continuous colonial strip from Cairo,

in the north) to the Cape in the south. 

-France extended its dominion between Senegal on the west and

Somalia on the east. 

-Other countries, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Portugal and Spain complied with the division of the continent. 

6.2 Consequence of Imperialism (p.111) 

Questions: What were the main consequences of Imperialism?

The consequences of Imperialism were different for the metropoles and for the dominated peoples: 

1For the metropoles the consequences were positive: political power,wealth

(raw materials and markets to sell their products), greater social peace and

knowledge of new civilizations.

But it intensified the international political and economic confrontations that led to the First World War.

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