The main stages of cold war.

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3.The reign of AlfonsoXII(1902-1931):3.1Popul,economy&society:the popul continued to increased,growing from 16millio to 24mill.The reason was a considerable fall in the mortality rate.Migration to latin america also increased,while the rural exodus into cities led to the growth of import.Cities.The economy based on agriculture,even some areas in Catalonia,the basque country&madrid started to creted a solid indust.Network.Society:very unequal,with a majority of peasants&workers living in poor conditions,a small though growing middle class,& an upper class that enjoyed all the privileges of wealth&high society. 3.2The system of alternation:continuity&crisis:betw1902-1917 the system of alternat betw parties continued,with Antonio Maura as the leader of the conservative&Jose Canalejas leader of liberal party.The war with marroco was the main issue.In 1909 the recruitment of catalan reserve troops for the war provoked riots in Barcelona that were severely suppressed by the army.In 1917 deteriorated into a crisis,it was provoked by army,which demanded higher pay.Betw1919-1923situation get worse.

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