The main stages of cold war.

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IMPERIALISM  -The division of the world: Africa was an almost unknow continent for Europeans. The main countries wanted to create continuous empires in the continent. The two empires entered into conflict with each other and with the aspirations of other countries. In Asia, there were well organised states, such as China and Persia, so occupation was mainly based on a system of concesion and areas of influence. In America, the United States entended its influence to Puerto Rico and Cuba and it occupied teh Panama. And in Oceania, Australia was incorporated into the British Empire and the United States occupied some archipelagos.   -The consequences of colonialism.- For the native populations, colonialism was negative. Local governments were eliminated, arbitrary drawing of the frontiers caused numerous conflicts and the native economy was altered. -For the metropolitan states, colonialism meant political power, wealth and more social peace. But it also created international political and economic confrontations, which led to the First World War.

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