The main stages of cold war.

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From Camelot to Vietnam: America in upheaval

The aftermath of the war meant economic affluence for America; the rise of the middle class (their true Expansion). All that was a consequence of the G.I. Bill (Servicemen's Readjustment Act of 1944) that made possible the transformation of a war Economy into a civil one. Because of this the United States took their place as The world’s leader.

It was the time of the foundation of International organisms such as the United Nation, NATO or IMF (International Monetary Fund). Those were new interventional interventionist weapons. Its Headquarters were in the United States. Americans introduced neoclassical Weapons (political, economic, military…)

Cold War

As a result of the confrontation Between capital regime (U.S.) and communism (URSS); democracy vs. Dictatorship, There was a clash between the expansionist interests of both parts.

From the 1950s to the 1970s the world Was going through a period of anxiety of another war exploding which would mean Using those sophisticated weapons that could destroy the world. Knowing those possible Consequences, war was fought in places such as Korea or Vietnam, that were two Wars that should be seem in the context of the Cold War.

Americans were anxious about communism and they went through a new Red Scare.

HUAC (House Un-American Activities Committee) was a committee that later would be runned by Senator McCarthy who Organised U.S. Congress to check on “anti-American activities”. During the war Congress tried to avoid traitors at home and later there was a revival no Communist agent would be allowed to contaminate America and there was a Witch-hunt of communists throughout the states. Some people were tried, Convicted and even electrocuted for being accused of ‘anti-Americanism’. Even Some celebrities were required to declare. Those hearings were televised. Eventually there was a group of journalists that investigated McCarthy and Exposed that he was making the cases up.By 1952, as a consequence of what was Happening in Korea, America turned to Republican Party and a war hero Ike Eisenhower. He had been one of the greatest military hero. In the late 1950s And early 1960s he became “the father of the American nation”. He didn’t have a Clue about economics, he lead the country out of Korea. He let it expand it Military and economically without getting involved.

In the 1960-elections there were two Candidates: Richard Nixon (Republican, middle class, very young and brilliant Lawyer) and John F. Kennedy (Democrat, from one of the wealthiest families). Kennedy was very famous and popular, but election wasn’t easy; the reason why He won was because he had already been born in the 20th century (belonged to a new generation of Americans).

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