The main stages of cold war.

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Power:It can be defined as the production Of intended effects and the ability to make a difference to the world. Because It involves various types of relationships, which can be revealed in crisis and Is liable to sudden shifts – between different entities & It is alsohard To collect data. Capacity to prevail in open conflict – war & Capacity to control agenda – structural power & Capacity to shape view of world. Economic: Control over productive resources & Military: Control over armed force & Political: ability to regulate social life & Ideological: capacity to Shape beliefs and preferences. Hard power: it includes military and economic Power, anything that enables states/nations/groups to do something against Their will & Soft power: it is mainly based in cultural power, prestige &Smart power: best combination of both. Global Order since the Cold War:Berlin Wall collapse 1989. “End of History”, no more ideological challenges, meaning that democratic peace would Be the leading model.Unicorn. Bosnian Conflict &Somalia & Civil War in Afghanistan.The clash of Civilizations. 9/11. Global war on terror. The Rise of the Rest. Modern War:The continuation Of politics with other means. Decisive battle. French revolution & Industrial Revolution. International system was simplified into two main powers & Sheer Destructiveness. Industrialised killing, total war, mobilising entire resources To devote them to the war efforts versus winning the support of the mass of the Population rather than defeating enemy power. Cyber war & Hybrid war & Drones.

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