The main stages of cold war.

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  1. Iron curtain-division of Europe into mostly democratic (west)  and communist (east)

  2. Containment- foreign policy, Harry Truman block Soviet influence, stop spread of communism

  3. Brinkmanship -  policy under Eisenhower, our country would go to edge of war

  4. Castro- Cuban Communist dictator

  5. Nikita Khrushchev -  took over after Stalin

  6. JFK - president 1960-1963 and during Cuban missile crisis

  7. Douglas MAcArthur -  general of UN troops in Korean War

  8. Domino theory - idea if 1 country becomes Communist others will follow

  9. UN - organization of nations to solve problems in world

  10. Marshall plan- US assisted west Europe by providing food,machinery, materials

  11. Cold War- Communist (USSR) vs democracy (America)

  12. Warsaw Pact -  alliance of USSR with other Eastern Europe nations

  13. Détente- Nixon's policy to lessen cold war tension

  14. Vietnamization - Nixon's plan to have South Vietnam take over war and pull US out.

  15. Truman doctrine -  Truman's pledge to support countries that reject communism with military aid

  16. Harry Truman -  president at beginning of cold war 1945-52

  17. Stalin -  leader of USSR. At yalta conference(split up Germany east and. West)  with Churchill, and Roosevelt

  18. Roosevelt - also at yalta conference

  19. Iron curtain - phrase by Winston Churchill in speech in US about division of Europe

  20. Partition - division of India between Muslim and Hindu

  21. Ferdinand Marcus- general took power in Indonesia in ‘65 and became dictator

  22. Jomo Kenyetta- 1st leader of Kenya

  23. Mobutu Sese Seko- ruler of Zaire 1965-1997

  24. Mohammed Ali Jinnah- leader if Muslim league, then Pakistan 1st president

  25. Suharto - general became Indonesian dictator

  26. Jawaharlal Nehru -  1st prime minister of India

  27. Intifada - wide spread campaign of “civil disobedience” by palestinians

  28. Non-aligned nations - neutral in cold war

  29. Third world nations -  neutral countries

  30. Cuban missile crisis -  Castro was leader, USSR built missile sites in Cuba

  31. Negritude movement -  post WW2, African heritage

  32. Imre Nagy - leader of Communist gov in Hungary

  33. Lyndon Johnson - president after JFK assassinated

  34. Romania - post war satellite nation belonged to Warsaw Pact

  35. Nixon - president from ‘68-’74 Anti Communist

  36. Reagan - policy of “Real politics” ended cold war

  37. Leonid Brezhnev - took over USSR after Krhuschev

  38. SALT - Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty signed by Nixon with USSR

  39. JFK -  president during Cuban missile crisis and bay of pigs invasion

  40. Alexander Solzhenitsyn - Soviet Discident (Anti gov)  won Nobel prize for literature

  41. Mau Mau - secret society of African farmers forced off there land by British

  42. Kwame Nkrumah - revolutionary leader worked to free the gold Coast from British

  43. Shahs - conservative Muslim leader

  44. The Mujahideen - org of Muslim students who established harsh and oppressive rule

  45. Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlevi - westernized Iran

  46. The Contras - group of rebels fought in Nicaragua supported by US

  47. Gold Coast - 1st free African nation

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