The main stages of cold war.

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The Nazi occupation of Poland

The Nazis invaded Poland in September 1939. Soon afterwards the USSR invaded Poland from the East and the country collapsed. Conditions for Polish civilians were tragic. As soon as they had conquered the country, the Nazis set about putting their policies into action. There were two main policies. The first was to clear the Poles off their land and out of their homes so that German settlers could take their place and gain new living space or Lebensraum. The second policy was to force Polish Jews to live in areas called ghettos.


From 1939 to late 1942 Germany and the Axis powers had the upper hand in the war. During this period it was difficult for the allies to take any action against the German forces. To tackle this problem, resistance groups were important in occupied countries, spreading propaganda, collecting information and attacking important targets.


  • It consisted of putting policies of occupier country into action in occupied territory.

  • Main aims:gain new living space and spread their ideology.

  • Strategies carried out: to conquer new territories,put into practise their laws for example clearing natives off their homes so that the occupants could take their place and force certain collectives with different beliefs or characteristics to live  


  • It consisted of tackling the occupation by inhabitants of those occupied territories

  • It was organised by inhabitants of occupied territories and the legitimate government

  • Main aims:to attack occupier countries interests

  • Strategies carried out: spread propaganda, collect information and attack occupiers targets.

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