The main stages of cold war.

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5. Regional economic integration will grow: Nowadays regional blocks all over the world are being created (Mercosur in South America). Those who are alike get together to be stronger but this provokes more rivalry that will lead to geopolitical conflicts.

6. Civilization differences are permanent.  // Another thing for Hungtinton to take into account are the fault lines between civilizations, they will become more explicit. Internal conflicts within civilizations may actually become important than conflicts between civilizations. // “The West VS. The rest” with this phrase Hungtinton argues that today the major global institutions are Western creations (WTO, UN) before the Cold War non-Western countries that felt excluded from these had to accept it but today they will demand a greater opinion in the system. Now we have a world that is multi-polar, therefore relations are multi-lateral. How do we create multilateral institutions which keep the interest of this multi-polar world? For example China right now is creating everything on their own because Europeans didn’t accept them. The question is: should the West bring the rest into the game? // Something else to take into account are the torn countries (countries with predominant cultures with leaders that want to shift into a different one):

  • Turkey: has always been divided in 2 the West (secular) and the East (Muslim). The problem lasts today and is one of the reasons why it’s being so difficult for them to become a member of the EU. Apart from religion, the second reason is army power. They have the largest army in that part of the world. So Turkey is too big and too different.
  • Mexico: because they have a long common border with the US and they bring in manual labour some want to shift to American culture
  • Russia: the fault line is between Eastern and Western Christianity which has 2 types of people: the ones who look to Western values and the ones that keep seeing themselves as slavss.

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