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It's nearly June and I want to end the course with a excellent notes.For this,I´ve decided to work hard everyday.I want to improve my results of exams in relation to the others trimesters.

I promise to be more careful in class and study more at home.At home,also study,I help my mother to support the house clean and in a good condition.She always says that when he was a children,she helps her mum in everything that she could,but I make an excuses.
By the time,I help my mum: I set the table for dinner or lunch,I make my bed and clean my bedroom every mornings,and them,I close the blinds when I go to the school,After lunch,often,I wash the dishes,and I go to my bedroom and I do my homework.Now,my mun it's very proud of me,and I'm very happy!

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