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Technical Skills Management Skills: necessary to run specialized activities Interpersonal Skills: the ability to communicate, understand and motivate groups and individuals Conceptual skills: they depend on the ability to think abstractly Diagnostic Skills: allows executives to understand a situation Analytical Skills : allows managers to determine what to do in a situation you Planning is a process that includes defining the objectives or goals of the organization, determination of an overall strategy to achieve those goals, and developing a comprehensive hierarchy of plans to integrate and coordinate plans covering strategic plans throughout the organization, establish overall objectives and position an organization depending on their environment are more long-term plans, which typically cover periods of more than three years are plans directional that is flexible plans that establish general guidelines in the plans operational plans that specify the details of how the objectives will be achieved are short-term plans, which cover a period of one year or less are plans Specifications that are clearly defined and do not leave any aspect of the interpretation are permanent plans, ie plans that provide ongoing guidance for activities performed on a repetitive example: sexual harassment policy developed by the University of Missouri Features They guide organizational goals and provide common direction Defining goals affect other aspects of planning are a source of motivation for employees are an effective mechanism for assessing and monitoring plans: strategic plans by Level: Plan referred to resource allocation, priorities and actions necessary to achieve strategic objectives (long term) Tactical Plans: Aims to achieve tactical goals, are more related to accomplish things that decide what to do (medium term) operational plans: Allow develop tactical plans to achieve operational objectives. They relate to a small group of activities (short term)

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