Mapa político de España

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The playmobile/T(yes-not if)T(for-awful)T(playmobile-cinema)F(horst-opinion);alarming,toshout,torefuse;She couldn't be heard because she was whispering,This vacane is said to cure cancer in the future,I don't know what Sam is doing tomorrow''Fred Said//The decline of children/T(british-age)T(indepen-development)T(chief-safer)F(Children-alone);to get about,to launch,to allow;The policeman told the boys not to drive so fast. They were told a very strange history. If my sister hadn't woken up late, she wouldn't have been late for breakfast.Spanish schoolboyF(It was both-teachers)F(he had-taking him)T(If was only-discovered there)T(The childs-newpaper), over the top, a nightmare, a prank; Susan's friends asked her where she was going that night, The students will be given their reports next Thursday, If weren't too busy I could go to the cinemaSpanish schoolT(studies-in Spain)F(psychologist-six and eight)F(the number-rising)F(those who-at home).Abroad, far, adapt. The rescue wil be delanyed because of the heavy rain.The nurse told the patients not to smoke in the waiting room.My mother asked me if i would be home before nine that night.Imaginary friendsF(because-from ours)F(By the time-visiting)T(she discovered-nowadays)F(they might-animals).To graw up,actually,accurate,huge,aspirations.If she passes all her examns in June, her father will pay for her trip to Mallorca. The students were tested in five key subjects. She warned us to follow her and not to touch anything.DoyoungpeopleF(fewer-university)T(almost-family)T(students-incentives)F(as for teaching-more tecnhnology).Compulsory.Altitudes.Downsides-Perceive.Opportunity.Has not put the prices up,they would not have stopped going to the matches. Can be taught to improve

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