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What did Mendel do plants in order to perform cross-pollination 

-he cut the male parts off one flower so it would reproduce with another female flower 
How many alleles does an organism inherit from a single parent in a genre containing two alleles? 
- 1 
When and only when will a recessive trait show in a two allele gene? 
-only when the diminant trait is not present 
What does the genotype tt say about the parent? 
- the child will not have the tall gene (recessive) 
Why can certain traits disappear from one generation, but reappear in the best generation? 
-because she trait might not be dominant but it’s still there 
What is the probability of a coin flip? 
What can the principles of probability be used for in genetics? 
-to see the probability and the results of his genetic crosses 
What is the difference between homozygous and heterozygous 
- TT= homozygous (same alleles) 
Tt =heterozygous(different) 
To which organism do Mendel’s pronciples of genetics apply?
-pea plants 
What are the principles of dominance and segregation? 
-dommance= some alleles are dominant\necessice 
Segregation= formation of new genome, separation of genes 
Give an example of codominance 
-bird having both black and white feather inherited 
Define incomplete dominar
-are allele is not completely dominant other another 
Give an example of when genetics and the environment both influence changes in an organism? 
-Shows joe hates changing color depending on its climate 
What are some examples of polygenic traits 
-skin color, eye color 

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