Mario Benedetti

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S critor and member of the Uruguayan poet Generacin 45. Mario Benedetti was born on September 14, 1920 in Paso de los Toros. The son of Matilda Brenno Benedetti and Primaris Farrugia.1928 starts and educated at the German School Montevideo where he was withdrawn in 1933. Accordingly, he entered the Liceo Miranda for a year. In 1934 admission to the Ecole ago Raumsol of Logosophy. In 1945 he joined the editorial staff of the weekly Marcha. On March 23, 1946 marries Luz López Alegre his great love and fellow members vida.Junto Liberation Movement National - Tupamaros, founded in 1971 the Movement Independients March 26. He was a representative of the March 26 Movement in the Executive Bureau of the Broad Front from 1971 to 1973, Following the coup d'etat of June 27, 1973 resigns. Uruguay must leave, gone into exile in Buenos Aires.
Then go into exile in Peru, where he was arrested, deported and amnesty, and then installed in Cuba in 1976. The death of his wife, Luz Lopez in 2006 was a blow qe sobreyevo scribiendo.17 May 2009 died at his home in Montevideo at the age of 88 .- (this morning and Other Stories, With and without nostalgia, Lunch and doubt).

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