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Various Pricing options:

Premium – setting a higher price than rest of market for your product or service, Associated with higher quality and added value/benefits

Penetration – setting a price lower than competitors to try and gain a larger share of the Market in short time (economies of scale)

Skimming – choose customer segments that are willing to pay more for your product or Service (exclusivity at launch)

Economy – opposite of premium, set price at low level, associated with value for money, Saving money, quality?


The Word of mouth promotion and on-line and off-line promotion can be used by Diamond. Cutting price is an effective way for sales promotion since the costs Are lower. Diamond could choose personal selling to specially introduce their Products and services one by one. The word of mouth promotion and its good Reputation for third sense of responsibility and the quality of goods and Services. On-line or off-line advertise and support for programs for public Goods can help Diamond to improve its recognition and reputation among Consumers.

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