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  • finding and satisfying customer needs and wants

  • convert customer needs into wants

  • advertise promotional activities (50% off, 2x1)

  • maintaining loyal customers

  • persuading customers


Businesses use promotional activities to inform customers (potential) especially advertising, and intend to persuade them that something they want is a need. (Turning wants into needs)

  • Customer Base: Group of customers that companies sell to.

  • Market: all customers and consumers who are interested in buying a product and have the financial resources to do so.

  • Target Market: a particular group of consumers at which a product or service is aimed. It is identified by the company to be potential clients and consumers can be individuals on businesses. (apple target market: professionals)

  • Consumer Markets: household consumers who buy goods for individual or family consumptions

  • Industrial Markets: a business to business sale. Sold to companies for use of production process. Example: Machines.

  • Business Environment: the combination of internal and external factors that influences a business activities.


  • The price of the product. Higher price. Lower quantity sold.

  • The price of competitors products.

  • Changes in consumer income.

  • Change in population size and structure.

  • Changes in taste and fashion.

  • Spending on advertising and other promotional activities.


  • consumer: a person who purchases goods and services for personal use or a persona that eats or uses the good. It can be the one that eats or uses the good but not necessarily the one who buys it (ex: A daughter consumes the product but doesn’t buy it)

  • customer: a person who buys goods or services from a shop or business.

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