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Escribe tu texto aqrganization strucutre: CONTROL (explain 5 factors )

Environment.(The organisation must be able to adapt to change, for which it needs to be flexible and responsive.

 The organisation needs greater coordination among departments.)

Technology.(Technology includes the knowledge, machinery, work procedures, and materials that convert the inputs into outputs.)


Pros and cons.

Tall and flat organizations and the span of control

The number of subordinates reporting directly to a supervisor.

Wide spans: larger number of direct reports.

Narrow spans: fewer number of direct reports.

lTall organizations: more management layers and more hierarchical controls.

lFlat organizations: fewer management layer and decision making closer to the customer

“International buisness enviroment “

Differences between sales & marketing orientations

   SalesFocus on aggressive sales techniques and believe that high sales result

Organization’s needs

Producing/Selling goods/services


Profit through max. Sales volume

Intensive promotion

Marketing :Focus on satisfying customer needs and wants 
while meeting objectives - if they will buy it, we will make it

Customer’s needs

Satisfying customer wants/needs

Specific groups of people

Profit through customer satisfaction

Coordinated mktg. Activities (4 p’s)

Marketing mix and the cusomer ( 2ps and 4cs)

Product  ( is what we fabricate, either a good or service

Price  ( whats the cost of making the product, it may be gasoline, electricity)        

Place (Target markets, positioning, segmentation, how the client will know our product )

Promotion(Offerings and brands)    

Customer solution  ( is not only making the product its all about how to stisfy and what are the needs of out client)          

 Customer cost ( how much is the costumer willing to pay )

Convenience(Marketing environment,where is it located)

Communication(Marketing planning,)

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