Marx 2 (alienation)

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Alienation "occurs when the individuosale d if that is, let d be the same to become something extraño.El point SLAVE d d d game is to defend freedom and different forms Adding a little spice d d alienation. This man says q d against those concessions idealistic philosophy and even d hagel q Fenerbach.Marx believes human beings are not defined your inwardness x yx his conscience, quite the opposite its true essence is the ratio q remains with peers and with Akello q provides the means d subsistence, essence dl naturaleza.La man is the relation with the material. alienation dl work (economic) Marx term with q q describes the situation in humans is found in capitalist society. His analysis focuses onthe sociological capitler English economy based on a very high human cost: poverty was a fact no one could deny q, unbearable working hours, child exploitation ... For Marx, alienation is the alienation dl fundamental work occurs q cuando owns the worker produces d as q, rejects work as presented in capitalist society, and q in it robs the worker's own work rikeza q generates. Dispossession result dl d dl produces work in some form dd if desposicion worker's mismo.Marx private property makes humans UTHORITY dq Convera is a tool to produce rikezas. Through dl wage labor capitalism degrades man to consider it a commodity q is bought and sold. wing religious alienation and criticizes religion occurs when man invents another world where it places its hopes q d reach the solution to all your problems. This form d alienation is related to q and economic alienation for Marx religion is the product d una given the social organization provides a great service q and q while the man is praying not dislocated x their rights. The Marxist critique is written which is Fenerbach.Pero marx president is aware someone dq q could say what religion is proposed tb against poverty. In this way religion acts as a sort dl d anargésico suffering, x it is necessary to Marx eliminate harmful to religion x awaken man detargo q d that produces and focuses his attention on the need to transform the world d real.El based Marxist atheism humanism: it relies on God to destroy the revitalize the man, humanism from d Marx can not be without the negation d God.Alienation and philosophical critique of philosophy to Marx's philosophy is a human desire proyeccionideologica d q falsamene merely interpret reality. The real problems do not find a SOLUTION in diserttaciones ideals. For Marx's philosophy so far has been simple interpretation, dl reflects the world, an act. q contemplative conforms to reflect the conscience a fictional reality, ade + is ineffective in carrying out the transformation of reality and q d is one thought and the revolution is impossible if we were only at level especulativo.La philosophy as we was the religion is a form d alienation, a way dsevio d d escape reality and to the refuge in the abstract, q turns man into a spectator d a process q must be the protagonist.

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