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meridians: are semicircles which go from one pole to the other the primer, or meridian (0º) is the poins of reference for other meridians.

parallels: are circles which are perpenticular to the meridians. The equater is the most impotan

latitude:is measured by the parallels which start at the equator (0º).At the poles they are 90º. They are north (N) or south(S) dependig on whether they are localet.

longitude: is measured by using the meridians which start at the primer merian(0º) they runvertically from0º to 180ºtothe west(W). And 0º to 180º tu the east(E).

physical maps give information on relief, and show features such as rivers.

thematic maps give information on particilar subjects, such as climate or vegetation

political maps give information on polotical organisation, such as international or regional frontiers

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