Mass and balance

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 GLACIER:it is a mass of ice formed from snow falling andaccumulating over the years and moving very slowly
EROSION: it is a process of slow disintegration caused by wind, or other natural agents
CONTINENT: it is one of the main emerged landmasses of the globe 
INTERNAL FORCES:the gasses are compressed materials below the surface of the earth that put pressure on the crust and cause earthquakes and volcanoes 
EXTERNAL FORCES: forces , such as water or wind which can change the shape of the earth´s surface
TECTONIC PLATES: pertaining to the structure of the earth´s crust
SEDIMENT: mineral or sand deposited by the action of water, air, or ice
HYDROSPHERE:the water on or surrounding the surface of the globe
CONDENSATION: drops of liquid formed by water vapour
RELIEF: the varying altitude of the land
EVAPORATION: when water becomes a vapour
PRECIPITATION: water falling from the sky i the form of snow...
WATER CYCLE: the cycle by which water moves constantly around the earth in the form of water vapour , precipitation, surface water, groundwater and sea water 
OCEAN CURRENT: the movement of a large mass of water through the oceans
CRYOSPHERE: all the ice on the earth
AQUIFER: a natural deposit of fresh water found under the ground in porous rock

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