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Advertising is a paid form of persuasive communication that uses mass and Interactive media to reach broad audience

Strategy a plan to reach and persuade a costumer to buy a product or a service

Media is a form of internet marketing that utilizes social networking Websites as a marketing tool

Bussiness to business adversiting may involve promotion of products such as Copier machines or services such as human resources consulting or logistic

Direct response advertising is a promotional method in which a prospective Costumer is urged to respond inmediately and directly to the advertiser

Campain multiple media current standing of the Brand

Key players in ad advertiser media supplies vendors agencies

Key players in marketing are marketers suppliers and vendors distribution And retail marketing partners such as adv agencies

Consumer markets is defined as creating and selling products, goods and Services to individal buyers

Bussiness to bussines marketing of products to businesses or other Organization for use in production of others goods for use in regular business

Brand type of product manufactured by a particular Company under a Particular name

Sender the source

Message is presented by throught chanels of communication

Brand desicions 1 need recognition

Market research gathering information about consumers needs and preferences

Consumer research investigation of needs and options of consumers

Strategic research uncovers the information needed for making advertising Desicions.

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