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t: A strong acid is one that will completely ionize

f: When blue litmus paper is placed in a weak acid, it will turn a darker shade of blue
f: When ph paper provides a reading which says it has a ph of 9, the substance is considered a weak acid.
f: Alpha, Beta, and Gamma are all forms of nuclear radiation that contain either positive of neg charges.
t: Fission is the process where a large nucleus splits unto two smaller nuclei.
f: The most common isotope of carbon that is used for radioactive dating is carbon-13.
t: Static friction is friction that occurs when an object is not moving.
f: When an object is accelerating but it is not traveling in a straight line, it must be moving vertically.
t: Friction is force that always opposes the motion of an object.
f: When the mass of an object is doubled, the gravitational force is four times as great.
t: projectile motion can be described as an object.
f: rocket motion is an example of the application of newtons third law of motion.
t: simple machines can be classified into the lever family.
t: gravitational potential energy can be calculated by knowing the mass of the object.
t: stored chemical energy can be considered a type of non mechanical potential energy.
t: persons hand is good at sensing the direction of heat flow, it is not good at determining the temp of the object.
t: when moisture evaporates from your skin, energy is required.
t: radiation of heat can take place through empty space.
t: the equation v=fA is used to find the speed that a wave travels.
f: the period of a v=wave is defined as the number waves that pass a set point in 1 sec.
t: the Doppler effect is a result of constructive interference between two waves.
f: the law of reflection states that when a wave enters a defer medium.
t: a diverging lens is used in glasses to correct vision when a person is near sighted.
t: when light strikes a prism, light is refracted, undergoes dispersion.
f: when a fuse in put  into a circuit, the purpose.
t: parallel circuits allow for electricity to flow in multiple paths while series circuits allow for only one path.
t: even through it is possible to have an object that is electricity charged positive.
t: an insulator is a substance that has a very high resistance to the movement of charges.
d: the label on a bottle indicates the substance inside has a ph of 13. 
d: when a solution of an acid reacts with a solution of a base, hydronium ions react with hydroxide ions to form.
a: when a solution of an acid reacts with a solution of a base, the ph
a: alpha particles
b: in radioactive decay, with each successive half life, half the remaining sample decays to form another.
d: to treat certain brain tumors, doctors can use small beams.
b: the distance traveled by an object divided by the time it takes to travel that distance is called.
c: acceleration is defined as the change in velocity divided by.
b: if the net force action on a stationary object is zero, then the object will.
d: whenever an object is standing still, the value that is/are.
c: weight is best described as.
a: the si unit of force, named for the scientist who described the relationship.
c: which of the following processes requires the most work.
b: what is the mechanical advantage of a ramp that is 10 m and 2 m high.
d: a machine is a divice that
a: the transfer of energy by the movement of fluids.
b: which of the following statements true?
b: a combustion engine uses what kind of energy to do work?
a: light waves
b: sound waves
b: the wave length of the wave in the diagram is.
c: the amptitude of the wave in the diagram is.
Kinetic energy: 1/2mv2
Power: work over time
Work: f x d
Hydronium ions: H30+  Hydroxide: OH-

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