Mass and balance

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Volcanic regions thought to be fed by the
mantle, yhey may be on, near to, or far from
tectonic plates. Crystal; Regular polyhedral structre, 
solid material, which components are arranged in
 a highly ordered microscopic structure.
Mineral ore. Aggregate of minerals or mineral form which a valuable consttituent can be proffited mined or extracted. Marl:Mix of calcite and clay.Dolomite: Composed of the minerals calcite and dolomite
Non clastic -Carbonate: Limestone dolomite marl. Evaporate: Salt rock gypsum. Organic: Coal Oil Natural gas
IGneous: formed from magma, a mass of molten rock which ussually contains dissolved gases and suspended solid fragments. Intrusive Granite Syenite Gabbro. Extrusive rhyolite andesite basalt. Metamorphic Foliated . Non foliated: granoblastic text. Foliated: Slate schist Gnaiss non foliated marble quartzite. Talc Gypsum Calcite Fluorite Apatite Orthoclase Quartz Topaz COrundum diamond. Isomorph: Two minerals have very simlar chamical com and same chryst structure. 

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