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GLOBALISATION= Growing integration of national economies into a global

market economy, in which almost all areas on earth are interconnected.


-Increased free trade between nations

-Increased liquidity of capital allowing     

investors in developed nations to invest in developing nations.

-Corporations have greater flexibility to operate across borders.

-Global mass media ties the world together.

-Increased flow of communications allos vital information to be shared between individuals and corporations around the world.

-Greater ease and speed of transportation of goods and people

-Reduction of cultural barriers increases the global village effect

-Spread of democratic ideals to developed nations

-Greater interdependence of nation states

-Reduction of likelihood war between developed nations

-Increases in environmental protection in developed nations.


-Increased flow of skilled and unskilled jobs from developed to developing nations as corporations seek out the cheapest labor

-Increasedlikelihood of economic disruptions in one nation affecting all nations

-Corporate influence of nation-states far exceeds that of civil society organizations and average individuals.

-Threat that control of the world media by a handful of corporations will limit cultural expression.

-Greater chance of reactions for globalization being violent in an attempt to preserve cultural heritage.

-Greater risk of diseases being transported unintentionally between nations.

-Spread of materialistics lifestyle and attitude that sees consumption as the path to prosperity.

-International bodies like the World Trade Organization infringe on national and individual sovereignty.

-Increase in the chances of Civil War within developing countries and open war between developing countries as they vie for resources.

-Decrease in environmental integrity as polluting corporations take advantage of week regulator rules in developing countries

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