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Introduce George Orwell's life and works (refer to main issues, do not focus only in 1984)

His real name was Eric Arthur Blair. George Orwell was an essayist, Novelist, literary critic and fighter for political change. He was born in 1903, India (which was a British territory) He experienced many hardships in Its puritanical cutthroat environment. In the autobiographical essay “Such, Such were the Joys” Orwell describes the social challenges he endured as a Scholarship student among England´s wealthy elite (these challenges would Inform his satires of social stratification in his literary works, such as “Animal Farm”) In the said essay, he describes his child self with much sympathy and Feeling for the child´s perspective, he wasn´t a easy person.

Orwell graduated in 1921 and joined the Indian Imperial Police in Burma in 1922. His experiences made him a champion of poor and downtrodden –opresión-, a role he would continue for the rest of his life. Orwell thus Became devoted to the problems of class and government power long before he wroteAnimal Farm”. He rejected elitism, lived after the fashion of the poorest Englanders (these kind of choices influenced his written works)  Orwell went to Paris but he wasn´t lucky so Returned to England in 1929. He began slip into poverty in earnest and took a Job as a teacher at Frays College; later, he published “Down and out in Paris” (1932) (before the book´s publication, he assumed the pen name George Orwell)

In 1936 he wrote “The road to Wigan Pier” where the main argument is About the destitute state of Northern England, the answers why he is Transforming his life into literature.  […]

“Coming up for Air” (1939) was his last conventional novel before he went off to write two Antiutopian fictions such as Animal Farm (1945) and 1984 (1949) It is the only Novel he ever wrote in first person, it´s divided into four books and the Structure helps the reader to separate past from present. An important novel of Ideas focusing on the radical changes experienced in England in the first four Decades of the 20th century and the changes still to come, in decade of world War, mass death and unprecedented destruction.

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